Some people can run for the sake of it.  Some need to take a dog, or an ipod, others just need a map. Getting involved in rogaining (the sport of cross-country navigation) could get you fit without realising it!


Rogaining and Orienteering

Rogaining and orienteering are sports where competitors are given a map and have to navigate to as many checkpoints as possible.  Rogaines last 2-24 hours, usually in the bush, and teams of 2-5 can be organised in the club.  Orienteering events usually shorter (1 hour), with individuals competing – but you tend to make friends from within and outside the club.  Most events are on foot, but sometimes events for bikes or other modes are organised.

You don’t need to know much, as you’ll learn along the way.  You can learn about maps, using a compass, and how much you are capable of.  It’s great fun, and you’ll find things to laugh about when you get lost, and when your in-car satnav tells you “turn left into Yarra River”.

How to get involved:

Monday Nights: Street Orienteering

There’s street orienteering every Monday evening somewhere around Melbourne’s suburbs.  Each week has a different map, and you’ll be running/walking through back streets with about 50+ people of all ages and fitness levels.  Each week, we meet up at campus at approximately 6pm, and head out to the course.  The course runs for an hour from 7-8pm, so you’ll be back at Monash by 8:30pm.

  • Clothes: Bring running clothes and running shoes.
  • Light: Now we’re heading into winter, the sun sets too early, so is a good idea to bring a headlamp or very good torch.
  • Money: You’ll need $4 for entry, plus some transport money (petrol or public transport).

Weekends: Bush Rogaines

About every month, on a weekend, there is
a rogaine – usually 6 or more hours in the bush.  We can organize teams in the club.  These fantastic events are run by the Victorian Rogaining Association, so there will be a hundred (or more) other people to keep MUOC members company.   All levels of fitness/map reading skills are welcome – this is a very friendly event.

To bring:

  • Bushwalking/running clothes
  • Rain coat (who knows the weather?)
  • A plastic sleeve (to put your map in if it rains)
  • Compass (for navigating with)
  • Pencil and highlighter for planning your route
  • First aid kit (one per team)
  • Food & water for the 6 hours
  • Money: Event Entry ($27) & petrol/transport

For more info about upcoming events please email our rogaining reps!