Gear hire will not be available until possibly early next year. We still do not have an easily accessible place for our gear. Further, we are all volunteers, many of us are students with exams at the moment. Please be considerate of this.
Any trips being run will include specialist gear required, like bikes or kayaks. Any general purpose gear like sleeping bags, and hiking packs are not available.
Thank you for understanding.

Hiring gear? Check out our gear care tips and gear return checklist!

  1. Denotes gear that can only be hired for a MUOC club trip excluding Promage and Carnage

  2. Denotes gear which can only be hired with relevant Activity Representative’s written permission

  3. Denotes gear which is available for daily hire at a different rate, if being used on a club trip


Weekly Hire Cost

General Tent (3 person)


Sleeping Bag


Sleeping Mat


Cooking Set


Rain Coat




Camping Chair




Hiking Pack


Hiking Tent (3 person)


Hiking Tent (1 person)


Head Torch 1


Mountain Bike + Helmet 2,3


Snow Shoes


General Rules

  • Only cash payments are accepted for gear hire.
  • You must be a paid member to hire gear.
  • Gear hire is done on a weekly basis.
  • Only one of each type of equipment can be hired in a single transaction, e.g. 1 sleeping bag, 1 mat, 1 hiking pack, etc.
  • Gear is hired on a first come first served basis.
  • If a club trip is running, hire of relevant gear will be prioritised to those attending the trip.
  • Certain items cannot be hired without permission from the appropriate Activity Representative and/or President. Please see the Gear Hire Price List for details.


  • Only cash deposits are accepted.
  • The deposit amount is determined by rounding up the total gear hire cost to the nearest multiple of $50.
    • Between $0 and $50 inclusive  = $50 deposit
    • Between $51 and $100 inclusive  = $100 deposit
    • Between $101 and $150 inclusive  = $150 deposit
    • Etc .
  • If the gear hire cost is being waived due to participation in a club trip, the same deposit rules apply.
  • Deposits will be fully refunded at the time of gear return if the gear is returned in a timely manner and is in satisfactory condition. Please see the Returning Gear section of this document for further details.

Proxy Gear Hire

If you are unable to make it to a blockhouse opening, you may designate a proxy to pick up gear on your behalf. The following procedure must be followed:

  • Email what gear you would like to hire to at least 48 hours before the blockhouse opening.
  • Include your name and member number in the email, and the name of the proxy who is picking up your gear.
  • The proxy will then attend the blockhouse opening, and proceed as if they were you, i.e. they will present your name and member number and pay the deposit and cost of hire.
  • You will be held fully accountable for that gear; it will be your responsibility to return the gear in a satisfactory condition and in a timely manner.

Returning Gear

  • Gear must be returned the week it is due
  • For details of the actions taken for late gear returns please see the Late Gear Returns section of this document
  • Deposits will be fully refunded if gear is returned the week it is due, and all conditions described in the Gear Return Checklist are met. This document is available on the MUOC website, and is also displayed in the Blockhouse
  • Gear Deposits shall be held if any of the conditions in the Gear Return Checklist are not met
    • In the case of wet/dirty gear your deposit you will be sent back to dry/clean the gear. The gear must be returned the following week. If the gear is in a satisfactory condition your deposit will be fully refunded. If you fail to return the gear the following week, the procedure described in Late Gear Returns will apply
    • In all other cases, the Gear Overlord will be notified and sent a copy of the Gear Return Checklist used to assess the gear being returned. The Gear Overlord will send you a copy of the Gear Return Checklist. You will be notified via email about the outcome of the refund of your deposit

The blockhouse

  • The Blockhouse exists at Storage King Clayton, 27 Clarinda Rd, Oakleigh South
  • It is opened twice a week
  • Opening times can be found on the MUOC website’s calendar, and will also be advertised on the club’s Facebook page the Saturday before the opening
  • Please ensure you notify the Blockhouse Officer on duty if you intend to come to the opening, and roughly what time you plan to show up, by emailing or commenting on the Facebook opening advertisement. If you fail to do so, the blockhouse may not get opened
  • If the time of the opening is unsuitable, please get in touch with the Blockhouse Officers by emailing
  • When returning gear, please ensure you allow enough time for the returned gear to be inspected (especially with setting up tents)

Late Gear Returns

If gear is not returned when it is due the following actions will be taken:

  • Failure to return gear the week it is due: a reminder email is sent
  • Failure to return gear ONE week after it is due: 25% of the deposit is kept and the first warning email is sent
  • Failure to return gear TWO weeks after it is due: 50% of the deposit is kept and the second warning email is sent
  • Failure to return gear THREE weeks after it is due: 100% of the deposit is kept, and a report is filed to Monash Sport for theft
  • Failure to return gear FOUR weeks after it is due: a report is filed to the Police for theft
  • Exceptions shall be made if you make a reasonable effort to attend the openings and/or correspond with the Blockhouse Team by emailing