Tips for looking after gear


  • The golden rule—TREAT CLUB GEAR AS IF IT’S YOUR OWN!



  • Educate yourself. If you’re unsure how to use a piece of gear ask one of the blockhouse officers for a demo (e.g. setting up a tent).


  • Treat it nice. Of course it will get a bit abused by the elements, but it should not be abused by you (e.g. yanking on the zips in a tent).


  • Dry and clean gear ASAP. As soon as you get home from a trip hang up any wet gear. We have all returned home late from a trip absolutely knackered, but it is easy enough to find a chair or clothesline to hang up wet gear and then deal with it in the morning.


  • Plan ahead to prevent avoidable damage. Keep sleeping bags and mats off wet grass/out of rain, set up tents on flat grass after clearing away stones/twigs.


  • Do NOT store or eat food in tents. Wildlife are attracted to the smell (even in packages) and may damage tents looking for food. This is particularly important for Promage (our annual trip to Tidal River at Wilson’s Prom). If you’re car camping, keep food in the car. If you’re doing an overnight hike, keep any food stored in your packs and well wrapped up.