Canoe /k?’nu/ (n): a light and narrow boat that is propelled by one or more paddles in place of oars.
Polo /’po?lo?/ (n): a game resembling hockey, played on horseback with long-handled mallets and a wooden ball.
“Is that a real sport?” people always ask hesitantly….

Yes. Yes it is.

Canoe polo was officially invented by some old nutcases last century, who were most likely bored and in possession of kayaks, a ball and a good imagination.
The gist of canoe polo is very similar to that of water polo, except you’re paddling around in a kayak. Simply, you paddle around in teams of 5 players, and try to shoot the ball into a soccer net suspended above the water. You use a paddle to propel yourself, and your hands for catching and throwing the ball to your team mates. It really is just like water polo, but in a kayak!

Our sessions are run once every two weeks at the Doug Ellis Pool, Monash Clayton – and all are welcome to come and try it out! For more details on how to get involved in this great sport please contact our reps!