Mitchell River Kayak Trip – September 19-20

This is the biggest water trip of the year, so you don’t want to miss it!


Whitewater kayaking is one of the clubs biggest sections and with good reason! There is just something about the thrill of the spray on your face and the rush water over rocks.


To get a taste for whitewater, we run trips on the Yarra and Goulburn Rivers. These are run by the more experienced kayakers of the club and are designed for beginners. In addition the weekly Canoe Polo session at Monash Clayton Pool (Thursday nights) is a great place to learn and to go though the basics of kayaking (see the canoe polopage)

The Victorian kayaking season is unpredictable so trips are normally advertised closer to the time. In short when it rains properly we go kayaking. During the recent 10 year drought, the kayaking season was limited to scraping on rocks down most rapids and some of the wayward kayakers drifted towards rock climbing (oh the horror!).

That being said the real kayaking season, when intermediate and higher trips occur, usually runs from June-September. If it rains properly the rock climbers cry, the kayakers praise the rain gods and we usually go kayaking that weekend.  So if you are keen on having a go at kayaking you should use the beginner river trips in the earlier part of the year to prepare yourself for tackling some of Victoria’s real rivers later in the year.

The first big water trip for the year is usually on the Thomson river in mid May when they release water from the Thomson dam – this is easy grade 3 so it’s best to learn to roll before then and come along! If you feel like coming along to any trip considered beyond beginners but lack the skill, contact us as we may be able to arrange to bring along a raft, so people of any level of skill can come along.

The Goulburn River or ‘the Goblin’ features a gentle introduction to whitewater, which includes a few small rapids. The final rapid, which forms the main wave, is big enough to get you stoked, but easy enough that nothing too horrible will happen to you.


We usually also run some Yarra trips to kick the year off. The big bonus about the Yarra is that we put in at Warrandyte, so it doesn’t take long to get to.

Bumbly Day Out at the start of each year is the first opportunity to get out of the pool, with flat water kayaking for those who might be a touch nervous!

See you on a river soon!

Please contact us if you have any more kayaking questions!