What’s a Bumbly you ask? Bumbly is the affectionate name we give to each of our beloved newbies each year – and Bumbly Day Out is the first chance you’ll have to meet all the other new people to the club. This year’s trip is scheduled for Sunday March 5th.

Essentially this day is designed to give you a little taste of what our club is all about in a safe welcome environment. We head down to Lysterfield Park (not far from uni) for a day of mountain biking, kayaking and rogaining! Even if you’ve never mountain biked or kayaked before, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the basics.

The cost for the the day is just $15, and includes all your activity-specific gear.
If you sign up for both Bumbly Day Out and Carnage the cost is just $70!

The sign up form can be found here