Well no trip would be complete without all the right gear – and for anyone who is missing some or all of the required artillery for their outdoor adventure the Blockhouse is definitely the place to go! Here we have all the basic gear you need, which you can hire for a nominal fee, to love and cherish for a short period.

The Blockhouse is run by the Gear Overlord, who makes sure all our gear is maintained and ready for you to make the best of the outdoors. Our helpful and friendly Blockhouse Officers are in charge of opening the blockhouse for our members on a weekly basis during semester 1 and 2.

With the Blockhouse being refurbished over the Summer of 2014/15 (and let me tell you it has never looked this good!), the Gear Overlord and Blockhouse Officers are more protective of the clubs gear than ever. So while our priority is to make sure we have the gear you need, it’s expected that you look after the gear like it is your own. The return of late/dirty/wet/mistreated gear will make us cranky!

BlockHouse Openings

During semester Blockhouse Officers open the Blockhouse at least once every week, however if you can’t make the next blockhouse opening, be proactive and get in touch as soon as possible because the Blockhouse officers may be able to organise another time. Also if you are super lucky, one of our Committee may let you return to the gear to their office at Clayton Campus. Opening times are communicated via our Facebook page and/or email system, so make sure you sign up to both of these!

 Monash University Outdoors Club Weekly Hire Fees

gear hire prices

Blockhouse Officers cannot hire out specialist gear (denoted by a *). For this equipment you need to contact either the President or Section Rep for permission. Email: blockhouse@muoc.org for more information

Gear Hire Policy:

  • Payment method = cash only. We are not set up to accept other forms of payments.
  • Gear hire of $10 or more = $50 deposit
  • Gear hire of $50 or more = $100 deposit
  • Free gear hire (for certain club trips) = $50 deposit
  • Deposits are refundable upon return of gear. Please read below for more details.

The Small Print: You must be a current MUOC members to hire gear. Unless otherwise stated, Gear is hired out on aweekly basis.  A $50 security deposit is required for all hires over $10 (or $100 deposit for hires over $50). A security deposit is also required for Major Club trips where gear is free, regardless of hire value. Except in exceptional cases, all payments at the Blockhouse must be made in cash at the time of hire.


Members with overdue gear may lose the right to participate in Club activities. Gear not returned within two weeks of being due will incur a 50% late fee, taken from your security deposit. Gear still not returned after 1 month will be considered as stolen and the offending member will be promptly reported to Monash University. MUOC may refuse to accept the return of gear that has not been cleaned after use.  Excluding reasonable wear, damage and loss to gear may result in the loss of your deposit and/or a request for further payment to replace gear. Fees may be waived at the discretion of the Gear Overlord.

Club trips take priority with gear, and so we may be unavailable to hire gear; as such MUOC reserves the right to refuse the hire of gear. Some items of Gear* can only be hired out by Activities Reps (in person). This is so they can ensure the member, and everyone in your party, is competent with the equipment and have considered the risks involved. Similarly Specialist and Safety equipment* is generally restricted to Club Reps, or members that the Committee deems as highly experienced; and can only be hired out by the President or their nominee (in person).

Blockhouse Location (Clayton Campus):

Map to blockhouse